Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow starting soon

Well, our next round of snow promises to ball all the worst parts of the bible they were promising us last week. Its already starting to the Southwest of us and promises to start in our area around midnight or thereabouts. All is clear now and the roads and parking lots pristine. By this time tomorrow, we are supposed to have 6 inches on the ground or thereabouts. Gonna be a fun couple of days.

What really makes me feel bad is that all this is heading east. The "snowmageddon" that struck the Mid-Atlantic states is going to have this stuff on top. It will create similar conditions to what happened before and they are just getting dug out from the last one. I don't think anything will be moving around in the area there for at least a week. It will take us a day or so to dig out of here before everything is back to normal, but then we are used to it. We got our snow legs now.

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