Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Resueme Mistakes

Are these the reasons I am having trouble finding a better job?

  • Objective: Seeking a party-time position with room for advancement

  • Professional headline: 1 year old marketing executive

  • Achievement: Planned new corporate facility at $3M over budget.

  • Explanation of employment gap: career break in 1999 to renovate my horse

  • References: Referees available upon request

  • Skills: I am a rabid typist

  • Strengths: Impersonal skills

  • Hobbies: Enjoy cooking Chinese and Italians

  • Education: College: August 1880 to May 1984

  • Cover letter: I would like to assure you that I am a hardly working person.

And just how much information on a resume is too much?

  • Objective: To have my skills and ethics challenged on a regular basis

  • Personal Information: Married, eight children, prefer frequent travel

  • Language Skills: Exposure to German for two years-but many words are inappropriate for business

  • Reason for leaving last job: the owner gave new meaning to the word paranoia

  • Achievements: Nominated for prom queen

  • Education: Finished eighth in a class of ten

  • Interests: Gossiping

  • Awards: National record for eating 45 eggs in two minutes

  • References: Bill, Tom, Eric - but I don't know their phone numbers

  • Salary: The higher the better

  • Cover letter: Please disregard the attached resume; it's totally outdated

Friday, July 23, 2010

Amazing times in the history of Aviation - USS Macon

I hope to make this a regular thing.  I was blogging with a friend here Troy J. who has a feature similar to Paul Harvey's "Rest of the Story" and I thought there are so many amazing things in Aviation that no one has heard about.  The never built planes, the ones that did fly, but faded into obscurity.  Today's tale is one of those.

The USS Macon was the last of the US Navy's 5 big rigid airships.  From after World War One, till the 1960's the US Navy had an Airship program.  Lighter-than-Air was considered the future of aviation for most since other aircraft at the time lacked the range to perform many of the roles that the airships did.  The Macon was one of those and she was the last rigid Airship built for the US Navy.

Commissioned in April of 1933, she was the sister of the USS Akron which had crashed just a month earlier in what at the time was the greatest air tragedy in history till after the war.  Designed by a group of German airship designers brought over by the Goodyear company, the Macon and her sister were the largest aircraft in terms of volume ever built.  Although the famous German Zeppelin Hindenberg was longer, Macon was larger. Akron and Macon were built in what at the time was the largest buildings in the world, the great Goodyear Airdock in Akron, Ohio.  Construction started after the completion of Akron and she was the second of what was planned to be a whole class of scouting airships for the US Navy.

a video of the Macon on her test flights

What was unique about the Akron and Macon was that they were flying Aircraft Carriers.  In a compartment aft of the control car, there was a space for 5 small F9C "Sparrowhawk" fighters.  The fighters were launched and recovered by a unique "trapeze" set up on the ship.  They would fly up to a bar deployed from the hanger, hook on by the use of a large hook on the upper wing of the bi-plane fighter and lock on.  The bar would them be raised into the hanger which would then be closed.  The fighters were to protect the airship and provide for extending the patrol and scouting capabilities of the Airship.  The Akron never received her full complement of aircraft as funding was scarce in the depression era Navy.  The Macon went on to prove the doctrines of what patrol and long range scouting were in the Navy, which in the pre-radar days depended upon visual location of whatever ships were out there.  But tragedy always seemed to follow the airships and Macon proved to be no exception.

The Navy had a common practice of using the giant airship as a recruiting tool and the overland flights proved hard on the airship which had to clear mountains and so forth on its flights around the country.  During a flight in Arizona on one such trip, turbulence snapped several girders.  Rapid damage control prevented the airship from crashing, but the die had been cast.

Macon was scheduled for a fleet exercise immediately after this flight.  The damage was repaired, but some was put off till the next scheduled overhaul when gas cells could be deflated since helium was very expensive at the time and the Navy frowned on its loss.  So with damage to its rear upper fin temporarialy repaired, the Macon went on to participate in exercises off the coast of California.  Off Point Sur, she hit a storm which snapped her fin.  Being overweight, the airship had too many cells punctured to remain aloft and slowly sank into the water.  Unlike her tragic sister which lost all by three of her crew, the Macon lost only two crewman thanks to the warm California seas and the provision of rafts and life jackets aboard, a lesson learned from the crash of the Akron.  The hideous Irony was that Macon was commanded by the most senior officer to survive the Akron Disaster, Commander Herbert V. Wiley.

In 1991, the Monterey Bay Research Institute located the wreck and took many photographs of the framework at the bottom of the ocean.  Subsequent expeditions have surveyed the wreck and taken video of the site.

After the loss of the Macon, the US Navy shelved plans for follow-on airships to Macon, instead concentrating on Blimps and its fledgling Aircraft Carriers.  The US Navy was still a Battleship Navy and Aircraft were considered secondary. It took the Pearl Harbor Disaster to prove the military utility of aircraft.

The surviving artifacts of this era include a single example of the Sparrowhawk, in the Air ans Space Museum, and the huge Airdock hanger in Akron with a similar one located on Moffet Field in California, named after Admiral Moffett who was among those who died on the Akron.  Most of the veterans of that forgotten era have passed away and their achievements have been forgotten save for grainy newsreel footage and fading photographs.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This isn't right but I had to post it anyway....

My brother Paul sent this to me, a wonderful faux cruise to a wonderful spot on the globe.....

L u x u r y C r u i s e L i n e s

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You'll relax like never before!

That's because you are welcome to bring your own arsenal with you.
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The object of our cruise is to sail up and down the Somali Coast waiting to get hijacked by pirates!

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We guarantee you will experience at least two hijacking attempts by pirates
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How can we make that guarantee? We operate at 5 knots just beyond 12 nautical miles off the coast of Somalia , thus in international waters where pirates have no rights whatever.
In fact, we make three passes through the area's most treacherous waters to ensure maximum visibility by Somali mother ships.
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"Holy crap! I mean literally, I crapped myself!
This gun shook the deck like thunder and I was laughing so hard I just had to release it.
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Dream Cars

I was reading a blog from my friend, Remixed Phoenix which was a photo essay about what car he would have if he was a billionaire. Now I posted my responses and I thought I would repost them here because I want to be able to share my dreams here. I want a better world for my nephew, better than the one he is growing up in. To do this, we have to live within our means and be cleaner about it. We all can afford to be a lot more green in our dealings with the world. However there are intersts in the world which would perpertuate the damaging effects of our petroleum based economy has on our environment, political systems, and the world in general.

My Garage if I won the lottery:

I am often asked when I tell people my dream cars are CNG powered about fueling. CNG infrastructure isn't what it is in Europe lets say. At one time one could drive across the US on CNG alone. However, the Bush Administration abandoned CNG along with the big 3 US auto makers at around 2006. With that, and the lack of renewal of tax incentives, the fueling infrastructure decreased.

Funny though, all the US manufacturers have CNG vehicles in their fleets in Europe. The Ford Focus apparently has a CNG Version as well as Opal for GM in Europe. However, the Big three keep them over in Europe and not over here. The CNG stations here are depended upon whatever municipality or state is supporting them. California, Utah, Oklahoma and some areas in New England have fairly good fueling infrastructure, some of them even at the stations you get your regular gasoline from. I know of a few Shell stations on the East Coast that sell it. There are some cities that have a single station and that is it. Then you are dependent on if the pump works, which may be half the time. Both vehicles I showed above are CNG.

The Ford Crown Victoria is a V8 monster which is based on the ubiquitous car of the same name which is used as a police cruiser and Taxi in many cities in the US. The Crown Vic CNG is a dedicated fuel CNG (which means it uses CNG exclusively as its means of propulsion) and has a 300 US mile range depending on the tanking options. More range means less trunk (boot) space and vice versa, but the Vic has a HUGE trunk so unless you are a mobster who regularly disposes of bodies or a woman who regularly cleans out the local supermarket with 10 bags of groceries its doubtful you will need all that space. Law enforcement likes big trunk space for tactical items and technical items. (DVR for dash cameras are stored in trunks as well as forensic kits and the like). The one above was produced in 1994-1997 and are referred to by CV enthusiasts as "aero-Vics" because of their more aerodynamic styling with the wrap-around headlights and such. I like the styling on these and own a gasoline powered version. (Reference my blogs about the "Victor-Victoria" as I refer to my lovely car). There is also one for sale in California, however given its age it is likely that in spite of its cheap price, the tanks will likely have to be swapped out soon as they are limited by age. The certification for the CNG tanks, due to their high pressure containment are certified for only 12 years or 100,000 miles. Swapping the tanks is almost as costly as an engine change which would make the vehicle cost a whole lot more than I can afford to spend at the moment. But I digress.

The more contemporary Vics are less aerodynamic but are said to be more robust. They were improved after a spate of crashes involving Crown Victoria Police version which resulted in Gasoline tank explosions which resulted in the deaths several policemen. The vehicles are now certified for tank survivability in a 75 MPH crash.

As of today, the Civic GX is the only domestic US produced CNG vehicle in the US. Sad that a Japanese manufacturer is producing the only US CNG car.

If I could afford it really, I would be a Green car owner exclusively. I'd have a solar powered mansion if I could afford it, with wind power and the like. When you are poor in the US, one really can't afford to be green. You have to take what you can get and what you can get is usually the stuff which isn't the best for the planet or for you.

What I love about CNG is that they can be readily converted to run on Hydrogen gas which we will in all likelihood be using soon given that fossil fuels are running out. I read somewhere that Hydrogen as a vehicle fuel will become economically viable when gasoline reaches $6.00 a gallon in the United States. After that, you will probably see the US finally coming to its senses and getting itself off of Petroleum and going to a Hydrogen economy or despoiling the environment and fighting wars in an ever desperate search for the dwindling supplies of Oil. Care to guess the likely scenario?

If one is interested you can check out my Multiply Group on the subject, which unfortunately has not been updated as of recently or you can check out other organizations listed on the links which I think I have kept updated and if not, please let me know so I can.

A wise sermon

Each day I drive by the Second Baptist Church in St. Louis. This sign held some intriguing prospects and I decided to check out the sermon when it was posted on their website. I wish that people such as Sarah Palin and the like would listen to people of faith that have a realistic idea of what the separation of Church and State really means. This guy has it right.

After reading and listening to it I would add that there are forces afoot in our country that would impose some Christian version of Sharia law on our land. They argue that if we had "God back in our values" we would be a much better nation. The fact of the matter is that even when we did have God on our values, we behaved like morons. We have always been a nation of easy empire even while professing we weren't. Our conquest of the west of our country includes numerous lands stolen from the natives and the Spanish an their successors. We possess islands in the Pacific where we practice the worst forms of capitalism in substandard wages, and several of those islands are uninhabitable due to indiscriminate testing of our nuclear arsenal. We like to think ourselves above the pettiness of Empire and Theocracy as it is practices elsewhere in the world, but the truth of the matter is that we are as guilty of it as any other nation on this planet. If we are not careful, we will soon slide down the slippery slope of theocracy and dictatorship that will make Iran look tame.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The Honda Civic GX

This is a review by KBB of the Honda Civic GX. Many of you know one of my passions is for CNG vehicles. This is the only vehicle available to the public that you can buy straight off the lot in many places. Its manufactured in the United States at the Honda Plant in Ohio. I am considering getting one of these. Simply because I want a car that is not giving money to Al Queda. Most Natural Gas used in the US is produced locally here in the US. While those that get it out of the ground are huge multi-national corporations, the gas comes from here and is part of our resources. You have to think that when you fill your tank with Gasoline, eventually that money will find its way back to those who use that money to fund terrorism. One gentleman here in the ethanol debate that said something telling. This is the first war in which we are essentially funding both sides.

When will the killing stop

Killing is becoming institutionalized in our country. Violence is an accepted way of life in many areas of our country. Guns are predominant on our streets and show no sign of stopping. The shootings are commonplace and are so numerous, they have taken to accounting the number of shootings rather than reporting on each individual shooting on our local news.

I am not sure what we are doing in the City of St. Louis here. We have had a appearance of a surge in violence. One shooting killed a mayor and another killed a former police chief who worked as a investigator for the state. Both of these were people of color. We are killing the leaders who are trying to stop this.

The former police chief was a friend of a friend of mine at work. I was there when he found out his childhood friend had passed. It was a senseless killing by an idiot who lost money gambling and tried to rob an armed man. He killed his attacker as well, and shot the assailants friend, so all will pay. One man, who was a decent and honorable man who did what was best for the neighborhood. Another, well, he was "well known" to law enforcement paid with his life, and his friend will be incarcerated for his participation in this incident.

When will the killing stop? When will the attitude change? As I type this, I watch the local news about how bad the schools are. Our priorities are so messed up about what things are going on. We need more money for the items on our budget that should be our priorities.

The next time some sports team owner asks for money to fix up a stadium I have to ask him where that money is going to come from. I want him to understand that to pay these athletes to throw a ball around and provide a premium facility for them to do it, we are taking money from the kids, our future, to give them what they want. Do we need this elective activity? We have to ask ourselves what the priorities are. I live with this each and every day.

I see people lining up for shoes at stores whenever there is a new release. Shoes that cost $125 made by people in third world countries making fifty or 74 cents an hour while there are people here unemployed.

Where is the outrage? In what is happening here, we are all guilty because we let it happen. It isn't in our neighborhood, so we ignore it. It does touch it through our TV screens every day. In the past 24 hours in St. Louis there was 9 shootings, with one hitting the car sitting in front of a state representatives office. (The State Rep was not targeted, but was the result of two men arguing on the parking lot of his office). One shooting in the downtown area hit an office building where workers were forced to hit the floor terrified.

In this environment, our Supreme Court has, in its infinite wisdom, decided that we all need to arm ourselves to kill and kill and kill again. They have limited the ability for local municipalities to control guns on the streets. What happens next is anyone's guess. What happens next is up to us to vote into office people who want peace on our streets and changing the local attitudes to violence.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

United corporations of America


Just look at the picture at the fair St. Louis over the Fourth of July here. The Corporate flags flying on the same staffs as the American flags. It has a lot to say about the corporate take over of America.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Better Pain Chart

I am sure that many of you have seen those wonderful pain charts at the hospital. They are the ones you point at the sad face to tell the doctor how much pain you are in. I came across this item on Zazzle and then found the original, apparently written by a nurse who though the conventional chart did not reflect actual realities.

See the original (complete with all sorts of funny comments) at the following

See the Zazzle and order the t-shirt and poster at:

None of that is medically useful and it doesn't even have all the numbers, so I made a better one with all the numbers:

0: Hi. I am not experiencing any pain at all. I don't know why I'm even here.

1: I am completely unsure whether I am experiencing pain or itching or maybe I just have a bad taste in my mouth.

2: I probably just need a Band Aid.

3: This is distressing. I don't want this to be happening to me at all.

4: My pain is not fucking around.

5: Why is this happening to me??

6: Ow. Okay, my pain is super legit now.

7: I see Jesus coming for me and I'm scared.

8: I am experiencing a disturbing amount of pain. I might actually be dying. Please help.

9: I am almost definitely dying.

10: I am actively being mauled by a bear.

11: Blood is going to explode out of my face at any moment.

Too Serious For Numbers: You probably have ebola. It appears that you may also be suffering from Stigmata and/or pinkeye.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Could Paul the Octopus be the great prophet of the Pastafarians?

If you have lived in a cave the past few weeks, maybe you haven't heard of Paul the Octopus. Named for a German Children's poem by Boy Lorensen Der Tintenfisch Paul Oktopus, he lives in an aquarium in Germany and has made a name for himself by accurately predicting the winners of various games of the World Cup Football games. (By the way, that's soccer to anyone from America whom football is somewhat akin to rugby in Europe. Its a very American game played by overpaid, injury prone semi-athletes, who play in ever more expensive sports stadiums which suck valuable tax revenue from more deserving projects like fixing sewers, improving schools and the like, but I digress). Anyway, Paul has a relatively good record, predicting according to some reports 85% of the wins of the various contests he has been asked to make a prediction on, including the championship match which Spain won. According to his Facebook page, Paul has officially retired from making soccer predictions.

However, Paul's brief career as a prophet has earned him the love and contempt of Football fans everywhere. Love from the fans who have benefited from his predictions and contempt and Octopus preparation recipes from those who have not. In this brief time, I have started to wonder if Paul could be a great prophet of the Pastafarian religion.

For the uninitiated, Pastafarians are those who believe in the God of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who was created by a computer programmer in Nevada as a contemptuous response to new school standards proposed by the Kansas State Board of Education. He reasoned that if they believed that God created the Earth in 6 days, he could equally believe that a Flying Spaghetti Monster cold do so as well and that his "religion" deserved just as equal respect by the school board.

I have read nothing of the Pastafarian faith, but reason that this religion, like many others has a great prophet or messiah who would arrive to save the world from its ills. Paul bears an uncanny resemblance to the great deity.
Now one must remember that Paul was the name of the first Christian prophet and evangelist, who spread the good word far and wide for all to hear. Now this Paul, being a denizen of the sea, has proven unable to do that, being unable to leave his tank. And with death threats and sushi recipes following him around, he might be ill advised to do so. However, Paul is not without his supporters and the faithful of the Pastafarian movement might be ones to jump on the bandwagon of the prognosticating cephalopod. Heck, it can't be any crazier than any one believing in some of the other lunacy of those who take the worlds various religions seriously. However, we must not denigrate the words other, more well recognized prophets. After all, all they have brought is peace, love and brotherhood, avoiding centuries of bloodshed, right?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Controversy Over Lutheran Church's Treatment of KFUO Employees - KTVI

Controversy Over Lutheran Church's Treatment of KFUO Employees - KTVI

Many of you who follow my blog may note that our local classical station has finally gone off the air. A candlelight vigil, organized on the Facebook page which sought to stop the sale, was a peaceful and wonderful way to end over 60 years of service that KFUO has given the community. However, in the aftermath of the sale, the local Fox affiliate has reported on the fact that the on air personalities and other station personnel have been given an unfair severance package. The agreement, which all had to sing in order to gain a severance settlement, prevents the employee from finding ANY job ANY where for ANY reason for six months or their severance is voided.

This is a Christian organization? Where is the outrage? Jobs in broadcasting are difficult to get as it is, but to impose such an agreement on anyone is sad and says a lot about the motives of people who purport to be Christian and charitable.

KFUO has been a fixture in the St. Louis Arts community for over 60 years and was one of the first FM stations to start broadcasting in St. Louis. Four Years ago it won the prestigious Marconi Award for excellence in its broadcasting of Classical Music. While classical music may one day return to St. Louis, the style and grace in which KFUO brought it to use will never return. A unique prize has been lost for all time.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Very Scary Fireworks Show: Exploding H-Bombs In Space : NPR

A Very Scary Fireworks Show: Exploding H-Bombs In Space : NPRJul 4, '10 7:16 PM
for everyone

As part of my recent research into our bizarre fascination with nuclear testing, I came across this on my Facebook page. In 1962, as part of our last series of Nuclear tests, several Thor rockets were launched from Johnson Atoll in the Pacific with Nuclear bombs as a payload. Rather than returning to Earth, they detonated their payloads high in the atmosphere, above it actually, in the Van Allen radiation belts. The strange fact was that they were shot over the Fourth of July holiday in 1962 may have been a coincidence, but it made for some really spectacular fireworks.

Another, unintended discovery of these tests was the discovery of an effect called EMP or Electro-Magnetic Pulse. This is an effect that can affect things on the ground. Fortune smiled on us that these tests were conducted in the Pacific, so few were affected. What happened was the EMP propagated to Earth and shorted out electrical transformers in Hawa'ii over 800 miles away. Back then, computers filled a room and were about as capable as a pocket calculator is today. Now, we have computers in our cars, homes, and lives. If such an explosion happened today, over the US, we would be back in the stone age.

Such an event has been contemplated by anti-terrorism officials. As such, this would be the ultimate terrorist device. It would affect everyone. Estimates are that while the initial effects would kill immediately 10-20,000 people (every airliner would in all likelihood crash, people on life support in hospitals, people with pacemakers, car accidents and the like) the ultimate effects would be devastating. As civilization and the transportation infrastructure that supported it broke down, people would slowly die of starvation as food shipments would be stopped. People dependent on medications would die as that aspect of manufacturing and transportation would stop as well. Within a year, according to a prominent report, perhaps 10% of Americans would still be alive and America would no longer be a world power. The rough estimates would be that a similar calamity would happen if such detonations occurred over China and/or Japan, over Europe, you get the picture.

So, these weapons, even without the horror of blast or radiation could significantly affect all of us. A country with just one of these weapons could make us ineffectual as a world power in a second. Say one bomb launched from a rocket on a container ship in the Gulf of Mexico and the US would cease to exist as a power. The people, the buildings would still be there. But we would still be doomed as we all died from starvation and the fact that we depend on our technology way too much.

Let us hope that never happens.

A good book to read, portraying a fictional account of what might happen in the scenario is called "One Second After" by William R. Forstchen.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Diana

This day is also the birthday of one of the most special people in the world I believe. Princess Diana was truly the "Peoples Princess" and many of her contributions are truly overlooked. She brought a lot of attention to the issue of Land Mines and land mine clearance. Many countries such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and many others have vast tracts of lands that are unusable for agriculture due to the use of this indiscriminate weapon. Her efforts have resulted in the Ottawa Treaty which has attempted to ban the deployment and production of land mine. However, many of the biggest offenders have refused to sign, thus leaving this indiscriminate weapon to maim and kill.

She did many things, but this is the most poignant for me as I wrote the Princess Diana Memorial Committee after her passing proposing the creation of a unit of Royal Engineers to be deployed all over the world in her name to clear land mines. I got a nice letter back saying that the idea had merit but never heard any more about it. I suppose if I had made more of an effort there would be a unit, but then again there was so many things I was doing at the time which left me with no time to pursue it any further.

She was such a beautiful, special person, so totally unlike the vapid, self-centered people that dominate the media today. I hope that a lot of people live by her example.

Happy Canada Day!

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