Saturday, December 27, 2008

Weather WTF!

Right now I am kinda worried. We have some severe weather moving in and I am listening to my scanner and its going nuts. I have the weather spotters and the police and fire departments programed in along with the TV station remote trucks. They haven't sent the TV people out yet. I guess they wait till the damage is done. The storm is coming in at 80 MPH! I never heard of a storm moving that fast, maybe on Jupiter but not one Earth! The only good thing about it is that the storm will be over with soon. The bad news is that fast forward speed adds to the wind speeds so we can expect some severe straight line winds. The thing I am more worried about is flooding since the ground is still partially frozen from the past couple of weeks of extremely cold weather.

I'll let you know when I get through this.

I can hear the wind and rain hitting the roof and its pretty bad. So far the trailer isn't shaking like it usually does with these storms.

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