Thursday, January 8, 2009

A car smarter tham me? I hope not!

This is a car that is neat and I got to wonder if it will be smarter than the people driving it. That's a scary thought. Someone put in the comments, "Open the pod bay doors, Hal," the famous line from 2001. You got to have some control and it looks like this car is the best of both. I find myself frustrated with the Escape at work since there are no keyholes for the car key on any of the other doors of the vehicle. The idiots on the other shifts have all lost the fobs and no one wants to get any more, so I have to get stuck running around to the other side because the car automatically locks the doors when I go over 20 MPH. I usually have a load of signs or calcium chloride in my hands when I forget this, so I hope the car is not smarter than me in this regard.

I can see the future. The car, in a petulant mood, fed up with its mistreatment, locks all the doors like a five year old child and refuses to open them till I promise to get him an oil change!

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