Monday, August 9, 2010

This ones for the Girls - Our Children are changing..

I am feeling a little mellow when I wrote this so I may repost a better version later. But I wanted to get the thought down while it was still in my head.

In the headlines today it has been revealed that increasing numbers of girls are reaching puberty earlier, sometimes as early as the second grade. The cause is not really known, but the obesity epidemic may have something to do with it. Also cited is the plastic used in some bottles has been known to mimic estrogen. Another factor is fertilizers and other things used in food processing may mimic estrogen and cause this as well.

The consequence of this is a generation of girls with low self esteem as those girls which develop early are know to have such issues. There is also cancer risks later in life of increase Brest and Uterine cancers. And last but not least is, thanks to the hypersexualization of young girls in our media an increased sexual activity at a younger age.

The study cited the trend highest among African American females at almost 12-15 percent with decreasing rates among Hispanic and finally Caucasian females.

We are breading a generation of mutants. Who knows that the dangerous things we put into our water and air have whatever deleterious effects on our children? We are changing ourselves in ways we cannot predict and imagine. Coupled with these changes physically will cause unprecedented changes socially, politically, spiritually, what have you.

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Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

I read this briefly on MSN. It is a bit scary to me. Especially when you think of how over sexed everything has become. Then you think of young girls (and boys) with the sext-ing. OMG...are we to have babies having babies?

I think your blog is a good one. Not only is it from a man's point of view but also just brings to light what problems we may be causing!

~Naila Moon

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