Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crying a bucket of boredom tears

Not been an eventful couple of weeks. To show you the level of boredom I am experincing at the moment, I am watching Scientific American Frontiers with Alan Alda. He like to hang around MIT a lot and check out the inventions that are going on there. This is where the useless gadgets of tomorrow are coming from. For the blogger who has to chronicle his life, there is a guy who wears a computer on his back with a camera on the front and one on the backpack. The computer can store 20 hours worth of visual information, after which he has to upload to a server which has 500 GB of storage. The guy has finally proven how boring life really is by chronicling his own life. However, the life of a science geek might BE boring so its not necessarially the case that everybody's life is filled with boredom. Soon this and many other inventions will be circulating around in the world.

Lately with me is the fact that I want to get a new computer. I have always desired a laptop and I have found what they are now calling Netbooks. The difference between a Netbook and a standard laptop is that it has no CD ROM. It is equipped instead with flash drive ports and usually has an on-board flash type drive. They generally cost less than a laptop. The one I am looking at costs $250 refurbished. Another advantage is that they don't have Vista. They generally have wither Windows XP, Linux, or Unbutu.

Even with this, the one I am looking at still is more capable than my computer! The Compaq I have can only be expanded to 512 MB of memory, so its reached its limit in my mind. XP won't recognize more than I think 1.5 GB of memory which was one of its limitations. Vista requires a minimum of 1024 to really work properly I believe. It has a better processor than my desktop so I will in the end be getting a better computer than I have now.

Other than that, nothing much will happen with me for the next few days. I hope its better for you all out there in blogland.

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