Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ten Thoughts Tuesday or Wen Woughts Wednesday

Ten Thoughts Tuesday or Wen woughts wednesday... :-)

1. I have to love it when the people who advocate English as our only language can't spell. Witness this banner as Pat Buchanan makes the keynote address. Notice that conference is misspelled. Apparently spell check doesn't work at their printers. Or maybe its a conspiracy. Well, maybe not. Dan Quayle couldn't spell potato.

2. I am taking a test drive tomorrow in a car. Maybe I will get it maybe I won't. The lot has a reputation. They sell great cars mind you, but they really rape you with the interest. They are the place of last resort for most people. I haven't gotten there yet, but I think I am close. Not even Lending Tree will touch me and that's not a good thing. I thought my credit was bad, but not that bad. I need a car though and I have to get one before the end of July when the tags expire. I can't afford to fix the Victor/Victoria and so I will have to retire her. I want a car with better gas mileage and a little smaller. I like big cars, but I can't afford to keep it up like it should be kept. I have a dilemma though in that if I wait till the clunker law comes into effect in August, she might be worth $4500 in a voucher for a new car. Its tempting, but I have no way to get to work if I park the thing. n expediency will win out here I suppose.

3. The park landlady decided my lawn was too high and told me I have 24 hours to mow my grass or they will do it for me and charge me $40 for the privilege. The park requires us to do it every week. I do it every week on payday which is tomorrow. My lawn guy will be here tomorrow morning and I pay him $25 so that will be fine, unless she decides to ignore my lawn guy and do it anyway. I hate living in a trailer park.

4. I have discovered an interesting website about Planetary Defense. Essentially, what do we do if an asteroid is going to hit the Earth?


The videos are very interesting and I hope the recommendations are taken up. I mean, I'd love to go to Mars, but not to look back and see an asteroid wiping out all life on Earth.

5. Work is the same mixture of dullness and boredom it always is. I am torn between wishing something would happen to relieve the boredom and hoping nothing happens to cause me problems. We lost Pottery Barn Kids. They just up and closed with no warning, at least to us. I have to wonder if any of those other 70% off sale signs means we are going to loose other stores in the near future. Watching my Mall deteriorate is getting monotonous, like watching someone you love die a slow death. I have to have a job to pay the bills and get a car. So this job means a lot to me. I have an excellent idea what to do with the old Mark Shale space there at the mall. Make a Barnes and Noble out of it. However, I don't think they would come in given the fact that books are dying as a medium and the bookstore along with them. The shopping mall is also dying a slow death as well. I wonder what the next year holds for us in that regard.

6. God I am depressing today aren't I?

7. I have been watching with interest the events in Iran. I read Astro's blog concerning this and have noted the interesting things that are happening. Someone certainly wants us involved in Iran and soon. The fact that we don't have the resources for such a foolish expedition is apparently not wanting on those who want to drag us into another bizarre expedition to bring Christianity to another part of the world. Tha other fact of the matter is that Iran is running out of oil and they know it, but apparently we don't realize it. It makes the Iranian quest for nuclear power necessary. However, there are those who wish nothing but ill towards Iran specifically and the Islamic world in general and will stop at nothing to make their schemes come true. Accessing the last drops of Iranian oil will apparently satisify these guys. I'm not sure its worth the cost in blood and treasure to access this dying carcass.

8. I am still taking my brother to work every day as well as his kid to school. I must really love my brother to do this, since its clear across town, but at 60 miles a day its getting old. Especially hauling my sorry ass over to his place when its my day off tomorrow. One of the special advantages of working nights is that you go the opposite way everyone else goes to work so you don't have to fight traffic. I have to fight the traffic again and I don't like it. The only good thing about it is that getting there will be halfway to my test drive of the car I want to get. I will had to another place too to check out another car in O'Fallon which is even farther west.

9. I hope once I get my new car to install my ham radio in the thing and then I will be really going to town. So far I have a $150 rig sitting in my trunk not doing anything and a license to do it. Hooking it up into the cigarette lighter is fun only to a certain extent. I want a permanent installation and since I am gettin rid of the Vic, I can't very well install it there. Its a little frustrating if you know what I mean.

10. I have to set myself up to go to see my friend Stephanie next week in Dallas. She says she can't go into the hospital till she gets her storage room cleaned out. I think she's crazy for being that stubborn, but I think mostly she is scared of going into the hospital because she's afraid she won't come out. Anyway, she keeps complaining that she is hurting and sick and does nothing about it. I am so scared for her and wish she would go in, but she wants this done. I hope when this is done that she will finally go in.

Well, I didn't think I had ten thoughts, but I cheated a little on 6, but hope all is well or just better for all my friends here. My problems are trivial compared to what a lot of you all are going through. I hope you are able to muddle through and live your life to its fullest.

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