Monday, July 13, 2009

I hope I didn't inconvienence too many people

I realized today that Yahoo360 is finally closing and I hadn't imported my comments like I was promising myself I would. After a frantic 3 hours, I have managed to whittle 80 blog entries to nothing and now 360 can go into the ether. I am sad to see 360 go, but I have my friends here now and I am glad to see that most came with me.

In looking back though, I found I had lost track of a couple of people. Deborah was from England and a diver and now she is totally gone. I know not where she is. I had another friend Nightwind from Denver who I also lost track of. I miss my friends, but things work out. I hope they are OK.

Anyway, I hope I didn't fill up too many people's e-mail boxes. I found a few blogs hadn't imported so I took care of them, which I think it ended up being 20 or thereabouts. I found the duplicates and deleted those, so now I am complete.

Thanks for your patience friends.

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