Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthers on the hill

I have to love this. These people placate their base, fanning the flames of the controversy, but when confronted with the question, many literally run from the question.

There was a vote today in the House that officially recognized the legitimacy of President Obama's birth question. Rep. Neil Abercrombie, (D-Hawaii), introduced Monday House Resolution 593 (PDF), "Recognizing and celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the entry of Hawaii into the Union as the 50th State... Whereas the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, was born in Hawaii."

Now many of you familiar with these kind of resolutions, normally ceremonial resolutions like this are usually passed without a problem, the idiots came out of the woodwork:

Now this resolution eventually passed 378-0 with most of the so-called "birthers' not voting I would assume. We have a bunch of nuts in this country who are creating issues in order to shield or cloud a darker agenda of racisism or their opposition to other programs that the President has proposed. However, we had some people claiming that John McCain was not a citizen due to his birth in the Panana Canal Zone which was not officially a psrt of the US. Still Congress saw fit to pass a resolution during the election to settle the question of his citizenship. Why did they do that?

Now although we have a satisfaction of citizenship that is perfectly legal for anyone else in the US. I can go get a certificate of live birth at the city clerk's office that is perfectly satisfactory to the Department of State to get a passport, it satifies the State in order for me to get a drivers license. However, the President doesn't get the same consideration that others do. He is different in may ways that many people in this country cannot accept.

I fear that there is a revolution in the offing in this country. People who cannot accept what a majority of their fellows believe are prepared to impose their agenda on those who do accept. I remember reading somewhere that the American Revolution was supported by only a third of the country whereas a third just wanted to sit things out while others remained loyalists. I also remember that Hitler was elected by only a third of the Germans in the country ans only acceded to power through a coalition. Democracy is a fragile thing and it only takes a few nuts to upset the apple cart.

Not sure what to say anymore, but there are very dark things happening. I only hope and pray that we can get through this dark time and emerge as Americans and Partiots in the best traditions of our forefathers.

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