Monday, November 2, 2009

A Modest proposal 2009-11-02

I have a modest proposal. I have heard many people say its time to throw the bums out and clean out the Congress, get a fresh set of crooks in there. I think an excellent idea would be to do thus: Provide an exam which is the same as the exam given to qualify a foreign born person to obtain naturalization of his citizenship into this country. that way we will guarantee that said persons will have a basic working knowledge of what this country's history is, what it stands for and the political process.

Upon passing said test, the persons name is placed into a pool whereupon, at two year intervals, names are drawn in a lottery of sorts. The "lottery" winners are then shuttled to Washington and will serve as citizen legislators for a period of two years. No one can enter the lottery after he has served and is suitably compensated for his time at the rates we pay other representatives. Each congressional district will send 2 representatives, a man and a woman each to the new Congress.

In this way we keep Congress fresh. The people's voice is heard. The common man gets an idea of service to his country. All citizens of this country would be required to participate in the lottery. No slackers.


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