Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving day

Today is a day in the United States dedicated to giving thanks. Attributed to the Puritan religious people who fled what they termed religious oppression in England, the holiday evolved over the years to be a day of giving thanks. It eventually became a day in which we have to eat literally everything in sight. I've always wondered what someone in another country thought of our holiday. While at one time it was a holiday dedicated to giving thanks. Now it has become a holiday dedicated to gluttony.

And tomorrow, we have out holiday dedicated to greed. Its called Black Friday because our stores finally make it into the black as far as their profitability. This is the day the retailers dread. Where shoppers charge the doors and the people that open the doors are scared. Last year a worker at Walmart was trampled to death at a store in New York when he opened the doors. This year, in order to avoid that, Walmart will remain open and start specials at 5 am at each department. Not sure what it will accomplish, besides depriving their workers from what in America is a traditional day of the family and no one is really supposed to work. Just another excuse for the cruel retail stores to exploit their workers for another day. While they may pay a little more than the usual minimum wages they pay, it still deprives families of their relatives being able to be with them.

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