Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another sleepless day

Being a night worker has advantages and disadvantages. One of the great diasdvantages is taht that I have to sleep during the day. Yesterday, everyone was doing yard work with mowers and weed wackers working overtime to tame the encroaching grassland. the fact that it was trash day didn't help either.

I live in a trailer park and we used to have a couple of sets of dumpsters that were communal trash disposal areas. The sad fact that the redneck contingent used it to dispose of everything from refrigerators to couches to mattresses, in spite of being told by the trash companies that fines would ensue was not respected by said contingent. Therefore, the management, in its infinite wisdom decided to supply indivdual custom garbage cans to each resident. (I noted piles of said debris at the former sites of the communial dumpsters after they had been removed. Which, in my mind reinforces the intellectual level of the redneck contingent. They are now gone and no more debris are being disposed there. Lesson learned, but I digress). What this means to me the day sleeper is that the custom garbage cans are designed to be picked up by a trash truck and dumped into the truck. So, all 200 or so units have a garbage can, do the math. After trying to sleep, listening to that sound is just not right. I was finally able to get some rest after the trash truck left, but the sleep was fitful as the lawn contingent left, fleeing the humid air for the comfort of air conditioning.

Another factor seems my mother's claim that it is simply too cold in here. So she has a habit of shutting off the air conditioning at the worst times of the day. So much for sleep there as well. I may have to rearrange the household in order to accommodate my sleep.

Today, the weather was the culprit. A little after noon, a large lightning bolt stuck nearby. I was aware of the flash and then the bolt immediately sounded. It was CLOSE. I wondered if my truck, with the tall VHF antenna, was struck. So I got up and turned on the TV and yes, we are under a severe thunderstorm warning. In fact, immediately after I turned on the TV, my weather radio started going off with warnings for all the counties to the east and west of me. This incident had caught the weather services off guard apparently. So I went outside and looked up and not too bad, but it was starting to rain. Not seeing any rotation or anything like that, I went back inside and monitored the TV and weather radio.

Thus I am still awake, watching the TV and listening to the weather radio. Everything is moved off so I will try to sleep soon.

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Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

As I have said to you before invest in these things: sleep mask, fan, and ear plugs. Trust me, you will get better sleep. ;-)

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