Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I have to love it

If you aren't aware, I live in the 2nd Congressional District in Missouri. Here we have two candidates vying for the position of filling the seat in this election. The incumbent, Congressman Russ Carnahan is a nice guy and a very good fellow to know. Decent man whom I have met on a few occasions.

His competitor is a man by the name of Ed Martin. Ed's a lawyer and according to the Committee on Responsibilty and Ethics in Washington, he is one of the 12 sleaziest politicians vying for elective office in the country. Yes, that's right THE COUNTRY. Needless to say, Ed is supported by the Tea Party crowd.

However someone has a sense of humor. Some soul put a home made sign in support of Ed on Interstate 55 south of St. Louis so that all could see it from the highway. Gracing a Hill the sign read:

Now comes the humor part. Some other well meaning soul decided to alter the sign slightly:

Ahhh, the dirty politics. I can promise you I was not the soul who altered the sign. However, Given sufficient time, motivation and an indication of the location of said sign, I might be convinced to embark on such an undertaking. Someone beat me to it.

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Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Ba ha ha ha-that is probably the best one yet!!!
~Naila Moon

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