Sunday, October 3, 2010

Stolen from Sharon - Questions and answers

1. Were You Named After Anyone? I have 4 brothers. My Mom got all our names from the Bible. I have a brother named David, Peter and Paul. My name Stephen is after the first Christian Martyr which kinda gives me a complex... ;-)

2. Do You Like Handwriting? I can't write very long. I prefer typing.

3. What Is Your Favorite Lunch Meat? Smoked Turkey and smoked ham. I loathe Baloney, but will eat it.

4. Have Kids? Who would want to bring a kid in this world? Really I don't have anyone to have kids with anyway.

5. If You Were Another Person, Would You Be Friends With You? Good Question. I can be a good friend. Someone has to interest me to be a friend and I am very fascinating.

6. Do You Use Sarcasm A Lot? Yes I love Sarcasm.

7. Do You Still Have Your Tonsils? Yes I think so. I don't remember.

8. Would You Bungee Jump? I like keeping the contents of my bladder inside thank you very much.

9. What Is Your Favorite Cereal? Rasin Bran.

10. Do You Untie Your Shoes Before You Take Them Off? No.

11. What Is Your Favorite Ice Cream? Marshmallow Swirl

12. What Is The First Thing You Notice About People? I tend to notice personality. The attitude is what people project.

13. Red or Pink? Red. are you kidding?

14. Who Do You Miss The Most? I don't know.

15.What Is The Least Favorite Thing About Yourself? I'm overweight.

16. What Color Shoes Are You Wearing? none. Socks. I am in front of the computer so I am at home.

17. What Was The Last Thing You Ate? I had a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches a couple of hours ago.

18. What Are You Listening To Right Now? ABC's Americas Funniest Home videos.

19. If You Where A Crayon, What Color Would You Be? Blue

20. Favorite Smells? Forrest tree scent or Sea breeze

21. Who Was The Last Person You Talked To On The Phone? Stephanie

22. Do You Like The Person Who Sent This To You? Of course. That's a stupid question.

23. Favorite Sports to Watch? I am really not a sports fan. I see most of them as a bunch of overpaid idiots with overinflated egos.

24. Hair Color? Brown

25. Eye Color? Brown One girlfriend said I had intense brown eyes.

26. Do You Wear Contacts? No

27. Favorite Food? Fried Chicken.

28. Scary Movies Or Happy Endings? Happy endings. I like Romantic comedies with a good dialogue and wonderful by play between the characters.

29. Last Movie You Watched? Clash of the Titans (2010)

30. What Color Shirt Are You Wearing? White

31. Summer Or Winter? I have a conflict here. I hate being too hot and being too cold. I prefer Fall and Spring.

32. Hugs Or Kisses? Hugs if they are a friend. Kisses if they are a good girl friend.

33. Favorite Dessert? Chocolate cake

34. Most Likely To Respond? Who knows who cares.

35. Least Likely To Respond? See above

36. What Book Are You Reading Now? God I have too many.

37. Where Would You Like To Go On Vacation? Cook Islands or the Kennedy Space Center.

38. Where is the most different place you ever went on vacation? Haven't really had a "Different" vacation. I went to Montana once, but ended up having to help someone move. Not a fun vacation.

39. What Is On Your Mouse Pad? No mouse pad I have a trackball mouse.

40. Favorite Sound? The ocean or a forest with birds tweeting.

41. Rolling Stones Or Beatles? Do I have to choose? I was never really a fan of either

42. What Is The Farthest You Have Been From Home? Montana

43. Do You Have A Special Talent Music? I love listening to it, but no real talent for playing it.

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