Monday, October 4, 2010

Where do Right and Left merge?

Remember the old saying that two wrongs don't make a right but three do? I have heard recently that the some right wingers consider Hitler a leftist since his party was called the National SOCIALIST Workers Party. I learned in school that eventually the political systems merge in a great circle and can be expressed as such.

Once you get to a certain point, the two sides merge, rightist authoritarian, and leftest authoritarian. To argue that Hitler was a Leftist is idiotic. The Right wing in this country is using the same propagandist tactics that Hitler and Goebbels used in their rise to power and having the same coalition of business elites and conservative socialites in order to consolidate their power. The Right is characterized by authoritarian and increasingly dictatorial need to control what the citizenry does. Rights are supposedly respected up to a point where it interferes with the control of peoples lives and habits.

I had an economics professor state to me once that the only really true socialist state was Jesus Christ and his disciples. In that, I think he meant that they cared for one another in a socially beneficial way.

The idea of the conservative in small government means that we are to have limited government services provided by a for profit, private industry with the benefits going to the industry and not the people. That's the way health care in this country has worked as an example. While most "socialist" countries in Europe manage their health care systems for the benefit and use by the people, in our country, the health care system is managed for the benefit of only those that can afford it or afford the insurance premiums. The medical-insurance-pharmaceutical complex is geared to develop maximum profit without benefit to the people. While we have great advances in health care, those benefits only trickle down to a relative few who can afford expensive, experimental procedures that insurance companies refuse to cover. The insurance industry is geared to return profits at the expense of peoples lives by denying coverage when a patient causes the company to loose money.

I have had many friends who have had their coverage denied or eliminated because they cost the companies too much money. The only death panels that exist are those at the insurance companies which deny coverage for people that have become too sick to make a profit. These panels at the insurance companies kill thousands each year by denying coverage to people at worst, at best they cost the taxpayers billions by forcing people to the state rolls for health care.

If we want to talk a nanny state, then the Right in this country wants a nanny state that regulates our sexuality, our birth and death patterns, where and how we shop, and a state of regulations where business is allowed to run rampant throughout the economy doing anything to make a buck regardless of the hurt it costs the people. An example of this is the lack of financial regulation promulgated by the right wing which, after dismantling the market regulations and controls promoted by the New Deal, caused the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. We are poised now to reelect the same group back to government in this country which caused the problems we are only now recovering from and will take several years to get back to any semblance of solvency.

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