Saturday, April 12, 2008

Letter to my Congressman - PBS DTV subchannels

Name: Mr. Stephen Koehler
Fenton, MO
Area of Interest: Telecomm,Arts,Defense,Energy,Environment,Foreign Affairs,Govt. Reform,Govt. Reform,Homeland Security,Telecomm,Transportation

I was thinking about a proposal for an increase in the funding for Public Television. What this increase would do is to provide for PBS to broadcast the various government cable channels over the air on their DTV sub-channels. CSPAN-1 and 2, NASA and the Pentagon Channel would be repeated on the subchannels. For areas that do not have PBS service, a local station would be contracted and their DTV sub-channels would be appropriated for use. In this case, in addition to the other government cable channels PBS would be added to the service. This would help some local stations that are not able to convert to DTV a little boost in their abilities. It would also bring PBS to areas that do not have it. It would also bring government to people who cannot afford cable in these areas. Funding would be via an increase in FCC licence fees for television station or some other such funding as Congress would determine. I would like to know what your office would think about this idea.


Stephen Koehler

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