Monday, April 14, 2008

On God and Hillary.

I think Hillary really put her foot in her mouth this weekend when I heard her say at the "Compassion Conference" the following when asked why God permits suffering. According to the AP:

One of the toughest questions she faced was why God allows innocent people to suffer. Clinton said that has been the subject of much debate for generations, and added: "I don't know. I can't wait to ask him."

Now let me throw my two cents in here. God gave each of us a brain. He gave each of us a heart. He also gave us something called Free Will. WE are the ones who choose to let suffering continue on this planet. When we as a collective species change our minds about this, agree to put the suffering of others above our own selfish concerns, then we will have the paradise on the planet that God intended for us to have.

I don't think that Hillary answered the question right. In fact I think she hesitated and seemed to struggle to choose the right words. Apparently she said what she thought her audience wanted to hear.

Hillary to me seems to have this sense of entitlement. An arrogant idea that she alone is destined to carry the torch for the Democratic party and will do anything, even up to the destruction of party unity in odder to achieve her dream of presidency. This idea of destroying the village in order to save it is dangerous. She accuses Obama of being elitist but fails to note such characteristics in herself. I'm not sure what scares me more - The fact that I may have to vote for Hillary, or that fact that Condelezia Rice may be the next vice president. Apparently Condi is on the short list of candidates being considered..

Please understand that I don't think I am being sexist here. If a male candidate had similar ambitions, I would still have these feelings. To me, sex isn't the issue. What is the issue is what this candidacy is doing to the Democratic party's chances for victory in the fall. We do not need a divisive Party conference or else its 1968 and 1972 all over again.

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