Wednesday, April 2, 2008

What to do on my days off....

What to do, what to do. Well, first off I get paid today and so I went to the store and bought a new stereo for my car. It wasn't too expensive for what it claims to do. It has a bluetooth feature that I probably won't be able to use, but when I finally do get a decent cell phone, I can use it. It can play all my CD's and the CD's I copy from my computer. Yeah, I made the mistake of copying them all as Windows Media files which no other machine seems to play. You really have to look to find a decent system that will display all your track information and so forth. I had a really good one portable CD player for a while, but the company that made it went under and they don't make the player anymore. I wanted to put one in my car. I'm not in it that much, but I would really like it for when I travel and so forth.

So, first thing I will do is to take a rest and then put the thing in my car.

Next thing I bought were a couple of DVD sets. I wanted to have the "Ice Road Truckers" set from the History Channel. I really have to admire these guys. These guys drive the worst roads you have ever imagined. In Canada every year they make roads to the northern settlements on the frozen tundra and the frozen lakes. There are no permanent roads to these areas so this is the only way to get heavy equipment to these areas which are inaccessible by ship or conventional road. They drive huge pieces of mining equipment, cargo, and fuel. They store the fuel for use later and for supplying the aircraft which guarantees access during the summer months. They can only drive a maximum of 16 miles an hour which guarantees a very long trip. You really get the White Line Fever. I never was able to see the whole thing, so this will be a nice thing.

Then I got another set which was the second season of "ALF" which I loved and miss terribly. Its really a shame that the series ended when it did, since at times it was so creative. The First season, which I have features one wonderful episode dealing with a giant cockroach which I really enjoy. ("Whats the roach doing?" "Anything it wants to.") Priceless.

Anyway, that's whats happening to me for the next couple of days. Probably curled up in front of the TV watching these. Then putting in a stereo in my car. We'll see what happens.

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