Thursday, July 17, 2008

10 places I want to see before I die....

I saw that Francesca had her 10 places she wanted to go before she kicked the bucket. I have a personal list I have compiled over the years. I've read a lot and found some very fascinating places aound the US and the world I want to go to. Narrowing it down to ten is hard, but I think these are the top ten.

1. Princess Juliana International Airport - St. Martin, Netherlands Antilles: I have always wanted to visit this place since I saw this picture:

There is a beautiful beach there where the planes come in and they just fly right over you. Being an airplane person, I have wanted to experience something like this all my life. Plus the Caribbean locale is a wonderful place to just sit and waste away and relax.

2. Brasilia, Brazil: I have always wanted to visit this wonder of architecture ever since I first read about it in the 70's. It like someone did what all of us as a child want to do. Build our own place. This isn't Sim CIty, but a real one that they carved out of the jungle and gave life.

3. Falkland Islands: When I was graduating High School this Island was the location of a short and bloody war which resulted in over a thousand people killed and ships on both sides of the conflict sunk. The island was changed forever. I want to tour the battlefields I have read about in books.

4. Antarctica: The last frontier and the only place where man supposedly has no claim. I want to see the ice before its gone.

5. Cook Islands: I saw pictures from this place and I want to go. Another place that will not be here for very much longer.

6. Pearl Harbor Hawaii: I want to see the place where history changed for America, where World War II started. I want to see the USS Missouri.

7. Midway Island< Hawaii: The tiny island where the Navy used to have a base Now its an eco-tourist place.

8. Nagasaki, Japan: Where the second Atomic Bomb was dropped was the center of Japanese Christianity. It had the largest Christian Church in the Orient at one time. It was also the main port of entry for all foreigners into Japan before the modern era. Many expatriots live there still to this day.

9. Melbourne, Australia: I have always wanted to go to Australia and this would be a nice place to visit.

10. Seattle, Washington: Boeing has a wonderful Museum there and has one of the three Concordes on display in the US there. The Museum is dedicated to the airliners that have flown all over the world.

I have not included such honorable mentions as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, San Francisco, the Marin County Civic Center (Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright), Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Albuquerque, Mount Rushmore, Talliesen West in Arizona and Talliesen East in Wisconsin, Oak Park, Illinois (to see all the FLW houses there), Buffalo, NY (to see Niagara Falls and the old Buffalo Terminal), New York City (to see Everything) and on and on....

Well I hope that this has given my gentle readers an insight on my character and the thigns I want to do in the future.

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