Thursday, November 20, 2008

Barcodes you should know

I don't know how accurate this is, but its a start

Steer Clear of Melamine - Barcodes You Should Know

Even though the FDA is finally addressing the possible introduction of Melamine laced dairy into the US market from China, there is still no legislation forcing manufacturers to clearly disclose where products are made. Thankfully, consumers are no longer “buying blind.” There is one way to determine the originating country of a particular item – the barcode.

The next time you are are wondering where a product is made, check out the first three numbers of the barcode. If the digits are 690-695, then it is made in China. A more complete list is below:

00 – 13 USA & Canada

30 – 37 France

40 – 44 Germany

49 Japan

480 Philippines

50 UK

57 Denmark

64 Finland

76 Switzerland and Liechtenstein

628 Saudi Arabia

629 United Arab Emirates

690 – 695 China

740 – 745 Central America

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