Sunday, November 2, 2008

Down and out in Checotah, OK

Thanks all for the nice comments on my last blog. I was thinking I should give you all an update on what is going on. Stephanie is alive, but not too well. At least I could help her with a few things and that your prayers helped. I cleaned her apartment, as she has not been able to detail it in months. Got her a new vacuum cleaner and did her rugs. I got her computer fixed and now she can get back online and maybe she will see here, I dunno. This is kinda private for me and sort of a sounding board for my ideas and feelings. I hope she is not offended by reading what is here. Anyway, this morning I left her in the best shape she has felt in a few weeks because of just the idea that she has help.

Well, thinking my car was in her best shape in years was not to be founded. Yesterday my alternator failed in Sherman, Texas. Today I am writing this from the video game section of the Flying J Truck stop in Checotah, OK. (I swear to God I am ready to take a shotgun to this video game behind me. The sound is driving me crazy). Anyway, about 5 or 6 miles out of Checotah, I started getting that characteristic smell of boiling coolant and noticed that the temp gage was in the higher end of the register. Pulled over and the stuff is sprayed all over the engine. I was able to nurse it to the Walmart here and bought some coolant. I hoped I could get to Muskogee, OK where was hoping that there was a place open. Alas, the engine started to make a clacking noise and that is not a good sound. I pulled into the O'Riley Automotive Parts Store here and asked about auto service. I got the answer I expected. No shops open today. I figure its the Water pump and the earliest they can get a water pump is tomorrow at two in the afternoon.

Only thing I can do is wait till tomorrow and hope for the best. I also have to hope I have enough money to pay for this. My funds for this trip were limited and now a big chunk that was supposed to go paying my brother back for the loan he gave me to fix my car originally is now going to be eaten up by this. This is so frustrating. I also have to hope that I still have a job as this is the second of three days I have had to call off. Its more likely I will have to call off tomorrow and that is three days pay lost to the winds.

Please, all my friends here, pray for my job and my frind as you all have done. For those of you who don't believe just snd a lot of positive energy my way. Thanks again for all your help and prayers.

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