Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Wishes

Today I feel blessed and fulfilled this Christmas. What happened was that my best friend got her Christmas Wish! Stephanie is my friend with Cancer and she isn't feeling well but she was ready to fly to Detroit to visit a friend so she could get a White Christmas. Being a child of the south, my friend didn't get very many of them, if at all. She would visit her Mom in Montanaevery Thanksgiving and then pray for snow. They'd get record snowfalls. Her Mom would say that everyone around would prepare for her arrival every year, and that the Lord answered her prayer big time.

Yesterday morning, she started to look for an airline ticket and was ready to buy one online when her cat Remi started meowing. He looked out the window, and outside she saw the most amazing amazing sight! It was snowing! In Dallas Texas where it had been in the 70's earlier in the week. When all was said and done Dallas had around 2 inches of snow with areas of up to 8 inches further to the west. She looked out and had her greatest Christmas wish! She lived through a White Christmas and it was a genuine one.

She called me to gloat about it of course. We have a good natured game of harping about the weather. I hate snow because I have to dig it out and drive in the crap and in general, its a royal pain. Whenever it snows here I like to rub it in and she just hates me for it. She called me and just went Naner naner naner, I got snow and you didn't.

I was just so glad she got her wish. I am sure a lot of people wished for it. I am sure a lot of people were inconvenienced. I know its hard to think of others in our world of selfishness. But in this world there are a few gems and I am so glad to know the sould of my friend who received such a simple gift from nature.

May you all have a blessed time as we celebrate the birth of one we call the Prince of Peace. May we remember His spirit and what He stands for as we go to the next year. May we have patience and love. May we remeber our fellow man. Our problems might seem overwhelming, but are trivial compared to someone facing mortality. Someday, we will all face that. I only hope that I can face that time with the strength of character my friend Stephanie has shown.

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