Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why I hate football.

You know I live in St. Louis so there is enough said. Bidwell the clown pulled the Cardinals out and moved them to sunny Arizona where they still play in obscurity. We were lied to by the sports nuts in town who banded together, convinced the powers that be that if we built a decent stadium, the NFL would beat a path to our door. (If you build it, they will come). That the franchises were award to Carolina and Jacksonville proved that theory to be BS. Then we had to steal a team from LA. (We kinda got an out because the owner was from here). Then, after a couple of winning seasons including a Super Bowl, the team has fallen on hard times. Now with the passing of their owner, rumor has it that the team may move if vast improvements aren't made to our stadium. Hell the thing cost $300 million to build in the first place! They want to be premia donnas and I am sick of them. I am sick of football hogging my Sunday afternoons. I am sick of the evening news coming on at midnight because some damn jock can't tell time. I want my TV back.

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