Saturday, December 12, 2009

What your spaceport bartender has been up to

Well, I am still plodding along on my netbook. I have found that computer protocols have changed and everything is SATA and IDE is going the way of the dodo. So I have to totally rebuild my system and I am probably going to start that soon once I get my tax refund. So I am hoping my netbook will be able to put up with my abuse till I can get the desktop working again.

My best friend is dying and I am holding out hope she can last till Christmas. We keep saying that every Christmas will be her last and that has been the case for the past 5 years. However, it it looking like this may be the truth this time. Her cancer is spreading and a tumor is growing on her face now. Her brain tumor is growing and causing seizures and the like. Time is creeping up on her. What I find amazing is the faith and good humor she faces this struggle with. I, in all likelihood, would be wallowing in depression. She can laugh, (but she does need some help sometimes) and she can pray and while the pain hasn't been to evident (she is either ignoring it or just doesn't tell me) the end is coming.

My car has performed well so far. The bouncing baby Blazer is still bouncing (which reminds me I may need to look at some shocks since it is bouncing a little too well). I think some work on it after the tax refund comes in will do it good, after which, I will have a car I have always wanted. Putting the ham rig and stereo, brake work and a new paint job if possible are on the agenda Hopefully I will be getting back enough from Uncle Obama to facilitate these conversions and supply me with enough decent parts to build me a decent computer. We will see.

My brother came by last night. Wells Fargo has decided that his efforts in catching up his mortgage are not to their standards and are accelerating his foreclosure process. The way he explained it to me is not an actual foreclosure, but the prospect of him loosing his house to the bank is now looking larger. This might prove a windfall to me since I want to move but am really tied to this trailer I am in. Its not worth what I paid for it and I am sick of the poor ventilation, and the like. So I can give my brother this to keep his family warm and move to an apartment closer to work. His wife will be within walking distance to her work which is another reason I am considering giving him the trailer. In exchange he would help me with an apartment as "payment." Kind of like a loan being paid off, but not in the sense a bank would understand. He convinced me to buy this place, which in retrospect was a poor decision. I should have used the money instead to go back to school and gotten a better education. I would have been in a better position to work. However, given the present state of the economy, I would have, in all likelihood graduated into a depressed market so there is that. All is relative and you can't see the future or change the past.

Other than that, I hope that Christmas brings something better than a depression episode as it has done every year for the past few. Still, I am better off than a lot of people and am glad that I have what I have.

May you have prosperity and God's blessing this Christmas and in the New Year. May our fears not come to pass and our hopes come true.

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