Thursday, April 15, 2010

No ham radio this week

Well, I got my sleep goofed up so I couldn't do the ham radio. Most of my wake time was night and then I fooled around on the computer too much. But I did get out and about. I spent most of yesterday at the salvage yard wandering among the the graveyard looking for trucks like mine. I wanted to get me another ashtray so I can install the ham radio bracket on that. I also found a two plug power outlet in a newer car, so my strategy has changed.

Rather than trying to tap into the fuse cluster for the power outlet and then tapping into the cigarette lighter for the power for the ham radio I am going to just put the two outlet plug down close to the 4x4 shift, then tap that into the cigarette lighter. Then I can power the Ham radio with a cigarette lighter adapter, then have another outlet for my phone, computer or other item to charge. I bought an inline fuse for that line so it will have double fuses which I suppose will be good for fire prevention.

My situation for the rear windshield wiper may have changed. I was thinking about putting in a new window from another salvage vehicle with a windshield wiper installed. Then I could have a windshield wiper on the back. I can put the wires along the side and through the pillars. However, I looked back there and the mounting may be different for one with a motor verses one without. I'll have to look next couple of weeks if and when I spend the $75 for the window class.

Meanwhile I have the parts, wires, fuses and the sealant for the moon roof. That way I can get the antenna wire through without drilling a hole through the roof or have a wire dangling from the door.I have a conduit to put the antenna through to keep it from getting in the way of my legs and now I just thought I have to get something to hold the antenna wire down on the roof of the car. I can use those as well to hold the wires on the underside of the dash like we have for our truck installations at work. They hold up rather well and have put up with hail, rain washing and the like. I know about washing because I wash the trucks and I am pretty vigorous about that.

Well, there is always next week and I will have a good truck. Then the week after that, I'll tackle the rear windshield wiper if its possible. I'll keep you updated.

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