Thursday, March 20, 2008

Fenton Flood update.

I want to thank all that have responded positively to my photo posts on the Flood we are having. In case you are wondering how bad its going to get you can check out below.

This link ( Valley Park Gage ) is the official flood gage for the area upstream. It posts the measurements of the present flood levels.

This link ( Arnold Gage ) is downstream of us, but it gives a good idea of when the water will rise.

They are asking for volunteers for sandbagging and I am thinking I need some exercise. Tomorrow if I am feeling OK, I might head over there. They got 500 volunteers this morning, they only needed 200. But the businesses need help and they are hoping that the substations aren't going to get hit. They rerouted around them, but are asking people not to use electricity. I don't use that much so I am not that concerned.

We lost power last night, but apparently they were rerouting the electricity to get around the substations that are expected to be flooded. This might end up being a new project for Ameren's Power On to protect from the devestating power outages we had a couple of years ago.

Hopefully we will be getting through all this OK. I have little to worry about since I am so high, but I have seen the suffering of others and hope that they get through this OK.

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