Monday, March 10, 2008

The Hollow Men

The untold costs of this war are going to be here for generations like Vietnam was. There are going to be people without limbs, hearts, minds, love, peace and hope. Even the people with whole bodies have a lost mind because of traumatic brain injury caused by IED's. The hollow people that have come from this war are not going to be ones to have the monetary benefits from this. They aren't going to be able to retire to a life of luxury and wonder if their legacy is a positive or negative one. They are going to be the hollow men you see on the streetcorner. The ones that life forget and are so far gone they can't deal with life anymore. They are part of a Veterans system that has so far failed them. Of course, we have plenty of money for the war and will continue to have. We can't cut the budget for that or else we leave them hanging. Its a Catch 22 that will be something that will haunt us forever.

I have to wonder if Bush sleeps at night. Do the souls of all the soldiers he has wasted haunt him in his dreams? Do the souls of the innocent civilians that have been killed come to the bedroom to make his sleep restless? Or is he so heartless that he dreams the dreams of future that the hollow men no longer have?

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