Friday, May 16, 2008

Al-9000 update

Well, AL is functioning normally and is doing real good for me. Just wish he could interface with the net. The used router isn't working right for me and I can't get a manual for it because its too old. Apparently my SMC Tigerhub TP6 is just old enough that the website no longer has a manual for it, or software if there is any. I just thought it was straight forward. Plug in the cables and off we go. However, it just doesn't happen. Neither system sees the net, and thus neither system works right. After hooking Joshua back to the net, I had to spend the morning on the phone with AT&T getting things back right. I was sick of getting the upgrade notice and figured that was what was slowing my system down. I have noticed a slight increase in speed. I also have only 256MB of RAM and if I can get me a 512MB RAM card or even a 1 GB RAM card, Joshua will rock I am sure.

Working with AL is still my pride and joy. I can upgrade it at leisure. I have more expansion ability with 5 or 6 expansion card slots and 4 drive bays. Eventually I hope to get a DVD R/W and another internal HD plus a HDTV card and that should be the system of my dreams. Joshua will be upgraded with Memory and then cleaned off to star life anew. I think there is just too much garbage and orphan programs along with a host of spyware and such to just try and salvage it any longer. I have to get enough memory on board to get it able to save my Outlook mail and it can't because of the memory issues.

I also bought a book that will help in my trials:

Now this is not a book about building a computer for dummies. Its supposed to help a dummy build a computer. I'm no dummy, but I need a book to give me confidence so that I don't damage an expensive piece of equipment. I feel more confident now that I have a backup and will not get stranded without a computer. I can't stand not being able to get on the net. My e-mail will back up so much I am sure.

The first results of my new system will follow soon. I have made two new Space Shuttle videos which I have been wanting to do for a while. The music seemed appropriate and I thought they went well together.

Thanks for all the support. My silly life.

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