Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Work is fun! NOT!!!!!

Last night at work was not fun. Seems we had a water main break in the interior of the mall and it caused a lot of problems. Hopefully there is no hidden damage, but there was a lot of water in the interior of the mall. The cleaning company the mall employed got most of it and they had to call the Fire Department at the height of the crisis to help out. They got everything under control eventually and cleaned up and looking nice by the time I got in.

Oh, but here comes the best part. Since there was not maintenance personel on duty last night, yours truly had to go and pump sewage out of the pump room every hour on the hour as it was still draining off. I never want to see a pump or water or a dehumidifier again if I can help it. Plus I STILL had to wash the trucks at work. I swear, I really should be looking for another job tomorrow. I need to rest today. If I'm not here most of the day today then I am sure after a night I have had you can understand. I deserve a rest.

Thanks Mary for your kind words...

Thanks Bee for your kind concern... :-)

God bless all...

Till I return...

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