Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Gray Hairs......

Well I got me a haircut today. Today got me a perspective on what is happening to me as I age. The tufts of hair comming off of my head were grey and brown. It was almost like salt and pepper hair. I think its mostly dark now. The gray is mostly at the tips. I am getting old. Its inevatiable I suppose.

You think you are always young. You will always have a chance to grow up and do what you want to do. Now I am old and its mostly too late to do a lot of those things. Still, you still have a chance at life.

I have a friend. She lives in Texas, in the Dallas area. Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer 7 years ago. I think we can say that together we have fought this for all of that time. I have held her hand, we have cried and laughed all through this ordeal. However, I think the ordeal is almost over with. Her cancer has spread severely. Her kidneys are threatning to shut down. Her life is constant pain. Her children have disowned her and barely tollerate her existence. Her daughter has become the original wild child. Her son barely tollerates her existence and openly argues with her and berates her. Now all she has left is her two cats who love her dearly and she loves them.

My hair is grey. Sometimes I feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders. I have a job which is among the most dangerous in the country. While I have not had anything really happen to me, there is always the potential for something happening. The other day here in the local area, an EMT was injured when his ambulance was shot up. Appparently a group of indivduals had shot someone and wanted to finish the job.

What is happening in this world? I spend most of my time at home and rearely go out and this is one of the reasons why. The world is too dangerous a place. OH, I'll go shopping, and go to some places and do the necessary things. I'll go to the Science Center this weekend to watch the Mars Phoenix Lander do its thing. I'll go to the Shakespere Festival, they are doing Richard the Third this year and we have a good first class calibur of actors that perform. But I don't want to interact in the world because its too dangerous a place.

Is the world too dangerous? I don't know if I want to interact with a dangerous world.

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