Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Drive By Blog......

Thanks Heather for a nice way to put this.....

Anyway, I havne't been much of a visitor or even a drive by blogger for the past few days. LIfe is starting to get me down, but its times like these that show the kind of person you are. I tend to internalize but then again, I have not had a lot of time to do much.

First off, the inevatable has happened. The Victor/Victoria has reached the end of her useful life. She still runs, but the tags have come due and I need to get another vehicle. For what it would cost to fix her up, I could buy another car in similar condition so it behooves me to get another car.

Meanwhile the expired tags mean that I either a - drive a car with expired tags and risk getting pulled over by the cops (No thank you), or b - get a ride. I have chosen the latter with my brother suppling the wonderful vehicle.

Those of you who follow my blog may remember the blog a LONG time ago about the Neon I used to have. The Neon was sitting in my carport and should have been decommissioned but my brother, in his infinite wisdom and sense of love for the vehicle thought otherwise. So he fixed it up and it promptly broke down again, after which he fixed it.. to a certain extent. Anyway, since I have lengtherned an already long story, I shall trunkate it to say that this is the car I am stuck with. No Air conditioning on what has proven the hottest days of this year. A transmission shift that has to be operated by a magic combination that only works at the whim of the automobile.

The only problem with this arrangement is that since my brother's other car is down, he has to ride to work from me. This is good for him as it gets him to work early since I push him to get ready so I can get to sleep. It leaves me though, with two hours less to do the things I like to do with is play here and blog and comment or just read. So, my dear readers and online friends, I am sorry that I haven't been here as of late and I have no idea how long this arrangement will continue. It appears that with my bad credit, an automobile may be unobtainable in the near future so this promises to be a long month.

Anyway, friends, I hope to be back full time soon and I will try to visit tonight.

Now back to your regularally scheduled programe......

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