Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Life stuff......

Well, things aren't going so well in the neighborhoos kids. I tried to log on to my YouTube page the other night only to find that my account has been "disabled." For what reason I do not know. I received no warning notices, no e-mails - NOTHING! Now I have to wonder what I did that caused the offense that resulted in my banishment from YouTube. I am upset naturally, but then again, given the Viacom probmens of late I can understand them taking a hard line. Still, I should have had some warning. I would have gladly removed any offending videos. Anyway, that's all water over the dam. If any of you here have tried to access my site on YouTube, then you know what is going on.

The car situation is still trying to work itself out. I don't know what I am goign to do as it would take me winning the lottery to get my car fixed, let alone getting a new or used car to replace my car.

More updates later.

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