Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Figure I will jump in this one since I haven't posted a thing aboutmy life lately.

1. My Victor/Victoira is running again. OH, how I missed my car and I will never complain about her again. The front end is completely rebuilt thanks to my wonderful brother and his $1400 loan. (I have such a wonderful brother). While I appreciate his generosity, his Neon (formerly mine and formerly his before it became mine) leave a little to be desired. I have been driving around the Neon for ages it seems. Its noisy, has no radio, no Air Conditioning, and I hve to take my brother to work every morning I had to use it. Now that I have the Victor/Victoria back I have no worries and can cruise in gas guzzing silence down the roads.

2. I have my ham radio now, but I have to install it in my car in order to get it to work. I decided to go witht he mobile unit rather than the handheld since the handheld will get you maybe a few blocks verses across the county with the mobile uint. Now I have to find someoen to put it in at a reasonable price since according to the instructions the radio should be connected directly to the battery or else it voids the warantee. Nice.

3. Now that I have the V/V fixed, I can contemplate travelling beyond the confines of my local political unit here. I am contemplating going to DFW to see my ailing friend, but I want to get some other things resolved this week and might go next week if finances work out. It will depend.

4. I have added to my musical collection lately. I have been a life long Speed Racer fan and found a copy of the original Japanese music from the show on Amazon. Speed Racer was originaly released in Japan as "Mach Go, Go, Go" and it sounds funky with the Japanese lyrics. The rest is the music cues from the show, the soundtrack music, which I throughly enjoyed. I look forward to putting this in my car and driving down the highway passing a truck while the "Mammoth Car" theme plays.

5. I added Kansas to my collection with "Somewhere to Elsewhere" which is one of the post-breakup albums that brought Kerry Livgrin and his talent back to Kansas. I have heard one song on this album which was "Icarus II" a sequel to a song written pre-Leftoverture days. I really hope I am going to love this album.

6. I added "Yellowstone - for Violin and Orchestra" to my collection. I heard this on KFUO the other night. (For those who want to listen, KFUO you may click here). KFUO is one of St. Louis' jewels and I love to listen to it all night when I drive in my security vehicle all night. However, KFUO also has an international audience thanks to the internet. The music I heard was so beautiful that I had to have the piece I heard.

7. MESSENGER went by Mercury yesterday on Monday Morning, and took some spactacular pictures. I have been remiss in not posting to the Astronomy section here on Multiply. I will post some soon.

8. I have been remiss in not posting to my CNG blog as well. I haven't posted to it in ages and that isn't a good thing. In this era of needing alternative energy, we need alternative fuel for vehicles and CNG is one of them. So I hope to get off my ass and start posting soon.

9. I am getting to hate the election. I have posted my ideas here. I am going to voting for Obama for sure and there aren't a lot of things that are going to change my mind. The debates are on right now and I am not sure how much more I can stand.

10. I am still alive so things I suppose are OK. Other than that, I hope that the economy gets better. Every day, I just want to turn off the TV.

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