Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Away for a few days

I have finally made the time to see my friend in Dallas. If you have followed my blogs, then you know that my Friend in DFW, Stephanie, has cancer. It getting worse, and it doesn't look like she will be with us much longer. I am driving down today (if I can stay awake that is) to go see her and hopefuly make her a little happy. She is in pretty bad shape at the moment. Sh has a reached a point where she cannot eat or drink anything anymore. Even water makes her feel terrible. I don't know how long she can live like this as she is becomming very dehydrated.

Anyway, I will spend three or four days with my friend and hope that she can come through this OK for a while. I know its wishful thinking. she probably won't last til Christmas if at all the way things are going.

My car is in the best shape its been in for a long time. She purrs like a dream and that annoying rattling that used to be from the front end, well that was fixed as part of the major repairs long ago. Now with gas prices going down like a stone, I think this is the best time to travel if I am going to get a chance.

I should be back blogging or at least checking on you all Monday. I have to get back Saturday during the day and probably wont have time to do anything but sleep. Then I have to get to work and then I will probably be wasted then too. So Monday will be it. Feel free to drop me a line if you wish.

God bless.

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