Saturday, October 25, 2008

What HAVe I gotten myself into?

Today I attended my first "ham fest." I found out that Ham fests are a lot like the dealers room at a Sci-Fi convention. Lots of people from a huge area get together and talk and sell stuff to other aficionados of the hobby. En route to go inside, I came upon this curious sight. Apparently, the wife has told this gentleman that he is not to have his ham radios in the house! There were so many antenna's that I get the feeling that if the Space Station called, he could probably get them. (Truth is, any Amateur can get the Space Station as there is a Ham Radio on the Station, but I still have a little research to go before I can call them).

I saw a lot of stuff there I couldn't use. Things old as the hills, with vacuum tubes no less! The old tube radios were still working though, and in a nuclear war, they are more resistant to EMP than IC based systems. Not quite sure why, but I am sure there is a 10 page detailed explanation for those interested. I saw a couple of $275 laptops which were pretty good. I wanted to get them so bad but could not afford at the moment. I will probably regret not getting these as I really could use them later.

I did end up getting a couple of books, a guide to talking to the Space Station or using the Amateur Satellite communications system, a repeater guide which lets you know all the good channels to talk to if you are in you car and want to or need to talk to someone, my name tag with my call sign, and a few things off the freebie table. I got a good tip on where to install my mobile unit in my car. I think I will set something up with them.

Anyway, that's all I have for life today.

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