Saturday, May 8, 2010

I don;t know whether to be disgusted or just plain angry.

Our local NBC affiliate has revealed that the Catholic Church has a center where it "treats" its pedophile priests. Especially heinous offenders are sent to the center for "rehabilitation." A former employer of the center, which is much like a summer camp where the priests are left free to roam, contacted the station after she became disgusted with what the priests there were doing. Some have access to pornography. There is no real supervision.

I have real problems with this. Why is the Catholic Church treated differently from any other organization in the world? If someone did the things that some of these priests are accused of, especially in a church, they would be arrested and incarcerated at a REAL jail to be molested by REAL inmates skilled in such matters.

I invite you to watch the report at the link above and form your own opinion. My respect for the Catholic Church diminishes by the day, especially with every revelation of the actions of its leadership in covering up the actions of its clergy.

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