Thursday, July 8, 2010

Controversy Over Lutheran Church's Treatment of KFUO Employees - KTVI

Controversy Over Lutheran Church's Treatment of KFUO Employees - KTVI

Many of you who follow my blog may note that our local classical station has finally gone off the air. A candlelight vigil, organized on the Facebook page which sought to stop the sale, was a peaceful and wonderful way to end over 60 years of service that KFUO has given the community. However, in the aftermath of the sale, the local Fox affiliate has reported on the fact that the on air personalities and other station personnel have been given an unfair severance package. The agreement, which all had to sing in order to gain a severance settlement, prevents the employee from finding ANY job ANY where for ANY reason for six months or their severance is voided.

This is a Christian organization? Where is the outrage? Jobs in broadcasting are difficult to get as it is, but to impose such an agreement on anyone is sad and says a lot about the motives of people who purport to be Christian and charitable.

KFUO has been a fixture in the St. Louis Arts community for over 60 years and was one of the first FM stations to start broadcasting in St. Louis. Four Years ago it won the prestigious Marconi Award for excellence in its broadcasting of Classical Music. While classical music may one day return to St. Louis, the style and grace in which KFUO brought it to use will never return. A unique prize has been lost for all time.

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