Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Browsing verses Stalking...

I recently came across comment in a post in a friends blog and had to wonder....

This is the response I posted:

Sometimes I have days when I don't feel like blogging, and I browse my friends sites looking for for interesting blogs to comment on. I don't think of it as stalking, but some might... hmmm I wonder if that is different?

I do do this. I have been in a funk the past few days. Moving my Mom into my house has resulted in the junk she has following her. Now, don't get me wrong, a lot of it isn't junk. However, in the dictionary next tot he word "pack rat" there is a picture of my Mom along with the storage room we are renting that has all her stuff in it. My brother and mom said I shouldn't have rented such a large room. I knew how muhc stuff she had, so I went for the biggie. I figured it it all didn't fill up, I could put some of my stuff there too. Well, I filled it up and then some. I have a car stuffed with junk I don't know where to put and I don't know what I am going to do with it all. Some of the stuff is good. However, my Mom has a nasty habit of driving by the road and if someone leaves a couch on the curb, she's the one that will be picking it up to give it a good home. She thinks that sometime in the near future she will be gifted with the skill to reupholster furniture, because we have several chairs there that need it bad. Some of it is hers, the rest is chairs that have been seen in the alleyways and streets of our fair city. I love my Momma, but I got to do something.

Where is this all leading? Well, when I don't blog I browse. I suppose that others have much more interesting lives than my hum drum existence. The most exciting thing I have had happen at work in the past several days is that I had to wash trucks in the service tunnel last night (thanking God we HAVE a not-so-cold place to do this activity) and pray the snow flurries wouldn't accumilate. Then I spent half the night wiping down computer keybaards at the office and cleaning out the microwave. Its amazing how much can get in a microwave that my sometimes lazy and sometimes overworked co-workers don't clean out. Yeah, all that overflow from that slightly overcooked chilli can turn into a hard charred crust on a glass plate. And don't even get me going about the inside roof of the oven. ICK!

Yeah, I live a hum drum existence. My friends here online are amog the few people I interact with and it helps I guess. I don't totally shut the world out. The world is a dangerous and cruel place. I don't want that reality entering my home unless I let in that world through the televison. I really need to get out more. If not for my health, for my sanity. The weather though has had little to offer in the way of wanting to go out. Right now as I am writing this, it is 30.6 degrees outside my window (thanks to my Discovery Channel weather station, bought at a clearance price when their store unexpectedly and sadly closed in my Mall). I HATE being cold and I hate being hot and wish the weather was just right. I wish I had a real weekend like most people! Like the man said, if wishes were fishes I'd open up a Captain D's.

Anyway, I just like people to know I am not stalking them. If you feel like I am, please let me know so I do not frighten you and perhaps trigger a report to the authorities. I don't want to be spending the rest of my life wondering if I have enough cigarettes to keep Guido and Bruno from giving me an impromptu proctology exam.

God bless you all and keep the faith.

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