Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Randon Thoughts from your bartender.....

We had a DJ suspended here in St. Louis because he made some very caustic remarks after his power failed during the Super Bowl. J.C. Corchran can be very sarcastic at time and you know when to take him seriously and when not to. However, I knew that something was going to happen when I first heard the remarks. J.C., I know you're mad, but I think ya went too far this time.

After last years Ice storm and the big windstorm in which literally millions lost power in this area, you'd think Ameren would have a clue. J. C. had every right to be angry with Ameren. Heck, you loose power right at the best time in the game of the year? What American male wouldn't be mad. Still, the J.C. then went on to make other remarks that he should not have and the language became tinged with racism because one of the Corporate minions is black and that was a no-no here. Amerin is supposedly trying to get themselves in order for the next series of storms so a power outage of the level of the previous years storms won't happen again. However, they have a lot of reputation to recover. I hope that J.C. does come back and that this does not permanantly harm his reputation. He does tell it like it is and I don't think his intention was to be racist.

Jericho premered last night for tis second season and like I was saying I was glued to my TV. I'm glad to see it back. We got our 40,000 pounds of nuts worth. Can't wait to see how it works out.

Why do I like it? It a lot to say about the fragility of civilization. In as much as that, the writers were inspired by the events on 9/11 and in New Orleans with Katrina. The premise is that Katrina happened in 22 odd places all over the US. Many of the conditions that happened in Jericho have happened all over the world in places like Africa, Bosnia and the like. You had towns in Bosnia who, before the breakup of Yugoslavia, were nothing more than soccer rivals. After the breakup, they fought bitterly due to ethnic or religious differences or simply because they had the food and the other city did not. Same with Jericho. The show to me said how really fragile civilization really is and how precious civilization really is. A quote attributed to Lenin is that "No country is more than three meals away from revolution." Who can say that, given the events in Katrina, the same would not be true in America?

Just got through watching the first episode of the new season..... So I can't wait for the next one. I just don't have words. The way the "new government" is coming in is a little terrifying and that flag just give me the creeps. Like the world turned upside down. I get the feeling that the government, which by the way is just the western half of the US, is the cabal behind the attacks in that. My gist is that these people conspired to commit the original attacks in order to institute their idea of how the US should be run. The flag is a variation on the supposed "Civil" flag of the US that many so-called "patriot" groups have been promoting of late.

This is one reason I don't support Ron Paul is because this "Civil" flag has sprung up among some of his supporters. At least one site I visited, which supported Ron Paul had links to this Civil Flag issue and one bumper sticker or his has a version of the "Civil" Flag.

While I don't believe in guilt by association, I have read many of Ron Paul's writings and he has supported much of the radical right agenda and I have found him wanting.

The future of the country to me is important. I suspect we will see a protracted war for oil in the next few years as the oil runs out. We have already hit Peek Oil production and our oil production will only go downhill. Since we are dependent on oil, it can only get worse. That's why we need to make the decisions about oil NOW rather than putting it off for a few years when the crisis really hits the fan and we lack the resources for an orderly transition off of fossil fuels. This is part of the reason I like CNG because those cars are readily adaptable, once we get to the "Hydrogen revolution" that our fearless leader has promised us, to gaseous Hydrogen. Ours may be the last generation which is able to have indivdual private automobiles. The next generation may be relegated to public transit.

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