Thursday, February 14, 2008

I hate the Rams.

I strarted having a stream of conscinouness moment like Astra there. (I've started writing and I can't stop!) Then Multiply decided to do some maintenance or got down for some bizarre reason. Bedtime seemed a better thing, so I slept on it. Anyway, I woke up and started writing. so here it is.

Well, I hate the Rams. I hate the fact that even though we have a lot of stuff around here that needs done, or needed done at the time, we spent money on a stadium that didn't get a football team. To build the stadium, they tore down a hotel which had just completed a $1 million renovation, built only 10 years before. Eventually, after the stadium was completed, the NFL screwed us on a football team. It gave them to a couple of cities that didn't even have completed venues for play. In the end had to seal ours from L.A. The only good thing about that is that is didn't cost us too much, just a lawsuit from the league that screwed us initially.

On the suspsnsion of J.C. Chorchran. I listen to him every morning. I don't like it when he gets this way. When I heard the remarks on the radio, I knew something was going to happen. He started saying that the black director of communications needed to get some "Black Power" and started using an ethnic voice and then it degenerated from there. It was typical of his stream of consciousness that comprises his show. I wish one of his co-workers there had said something, anything, but they usually let him rant. Oftentimes, its good material. In this case, it wasn't. The interesting thing was that it took a few days for them to suspend him.

I suppose he will be back. He's one of those fixtures. He's been back and forth, on and off the air. So, I think he will be back.

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