Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This weather is crazy.

This weather is crazy. I am getting tired of all the ups and downs in temperature. Your body cannot get acclimated to the weather and I just tend up with a stuffy nose. The flu is getting bad here, but its not like its getting to be an epidemic or something. Still, the emergency rooms are getting backed up with patients that have the flu and that isn't helping things. One of the local stations here did a remote from one of the emergency rooms and they were wearing surgical masks. Maybe it is time to break out the survival kit and get ready... Just in case.

We are back to cold again. I only wish Mother nature would stop having hot flashings and figure out where to set the thermostat! The temperature has been up and down more times than a kangaroo in the mating season. One more indication of Global Warming. I am thinking of moving up to Canada not just because of the politics, but because its likely to get realy warm here in the states in the summer.

Some more stores dissapeared in the mall, but they are the seasonal ones I guess. The Calander place closed down and moved out. They do that every year though, so its not that bad a thing. However, the Brook Brothers store is remodeling and eventually they will do like The Gap did and combine their Men's and Womens stores into one. That will leave another space empty in the Atrium, which is one of the two courts that are in the mall. There is one space there empty at the moment which is the old Mary Engelbright store, which in turn became the "St. Louis Dugout" selling local School sports logo shirts. The Dugout didn't go over that big apparently in spite of the local obsession concerning where you went to HIgh School. Still, to all intents and purposes, the mall is still running.

They say a downturn is when your son looses his job, a recession is when your neighbor looses his job and a depression is when you loose your job. I wonder what this is.

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