Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ike plays St. Louis.

Well, Ike has come through and boy was he pissed. I have just got home, and I had to go through numerous flooded roads. One was literally a river and I foolishly drove through it. I was so blessed that I got through it. Fenton Creek has overflowed and is blocking off Highway 141 as you exit off of Highway 30. This is an area that doesn't normally flood. I have not seen this kind of flooding since I have moved back here. This is really flash flooding. There is also high wind as well, the trees bending and there is a lot of debris in the roads. Whats really surprising is the rocks and other things that make it into the road.

The Mall is leaking like a sieve and I had to stay late to help them deal with problems. I finally got out after staying over 45 minutes. Because this is Sunday, we lack the staff to deal with a lot of problems. I know the mall will open up. Its no question there.

I am listening to the scanner and there are a whole bunch of reports of flooded roads and water rescues and its just a madhouse. There is one straight truck, (six wheel bobtail delivery truck) which is flooded to its axle and the driver was being rescued by the Fire Department. This is just one of the many water rescues that are being run at the time I am writing. One dispatcher is trying to get hold of a missing officer. Hopefully he isn't washed away. One policy car got flooded out trying to rescue someone. The officer was able to get his car restarted and get out, and was still able to complete the rescue.

I better save this cause I don't know if I will have power for long with the wind being what it is. Hopefully we will be through this by noon like they are saying. I bet it was like this all through the zone where Ike moved through.

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