Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why John McCain isn't my man

I am not happy with McCain or his choice of Sarah Palin. I wasn't going to vote for McCain anyway, he's not the McCain I knew in 2000. He has changed so radically that he has lost his way. His choice of Sarah Palin is pure politics and I cannot see her as President because of what she stands for. Her inexperience in office, Alaska being just slightly less populated than the City of Austin, Texas coupled with her stands on various issues really keep me from taking her seriously. Her support, either directly or indirectly for the Alaska Independence movement really makes me wonder about her loyalty to the country. When she gets into office will she be loyal to Alaska or to the United States. There are many things that turn me off about her.

McCain has reversed himself on many issues that I thought he held dear and thus his maverick reputation is no more for me. Since he has seen himself to conveniently change his position on those issues, he has lost credibility in my eyes by placating to the party ideologues and not his gut. He owes many favors to many people and thus when he gets into office, if he does, it will be more of the same kind of government that we have had for the past 8 years.

While Obama has his problems, I see nothing in McCain that would change my ideas. I see McCain as preserving the oil economy that has proven to be a failure and if anything the next President must start the process of weaning us off of Foreign Oil and getting us on the wind and CNG economy to transition to the eventual Hydrogen economy.

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