Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mr. Gustav comes to visit

Yesterday and today, Hurricane Gustav came to visit. Like an unloved relative that you can't wait to leave, he made my life miserable. Gustav, thanks for making my morning a traffic nightmare. Your windblown rains and constant downpours made everyone forget how to drive and made a 20 minute drive into an hour and a half one. That, coupled with my vehicles lack of air conditioning, made for a wonderful, frustrating commute. Ever notice they call it a commute? Does that have anything to do with commuting a sentence? Because essentially a commute is a sentence! Today I had to get off the road before I killed someone with the car because I was that frustrated.

However, that was nothing. The other night, on my way to work, the racoons of the area decided to get together and form a group suicide pact. Not only that, but apparently they are able to communicate across great distances. Getting onto Highway 30 from my house a racoon ran in front of my car. Unfortunately, I heard a thump. I felt bad for the animal. After all, it is a living being and no doubt, my heavy vehicle had inflicted grevious injury on the animal.

Upon my arrival at work, I was speeding through the parking lot when, again, our local racoon at the mall ran in front of my vehicle. I was able to stop in time, but had to wonder if he had gotten a phone call from the one in Fenton. However, knowing that racoons lack the money or knowledge to obtain cell service, I have to put it off ot coincidence.

I have high hopes that by this time next week, I find myself again behind the wheel of my gas-guzzling Victor Victoria and possible in the future, equipped with a radio to enable myself to utilize my ham license. We'll see.

Finally, the reason I did this and the distraction of sleep has finally overwhelmed me, so I bid you farewell dear reader till next time.

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