Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ford's Broken Promises


This is a video I posted to my CNG group page. I might mention that I am the SOLE member of the Multiply CNG group. Apparently, there aren't many people here that own CNG cars. This video offended me in many ways. I like Ford cars and drive them. But apprently, they have a very poor record when it comes to being environmentally efficient. Ford also killed many of its Alternative Fuel Vehicle programs in 2002. Although this program seeks to lay the blame at Ford's feet, I have the feeling that GSA stopped purchasing CNG vehicles and that's what drove the decision as far as CNG was concerned. You can't have a business when your main customer stops buying your product. Also, I think that since Ford's main products were going downhill at the time, they decided to cut costs drastically and CNG was one casualty as well as their other AFV projects. They have decided now to concentrate on E-85 and the electric Hybrids. I am not a big fan of hybrids, since the batteries are probably just as poluting as their gasoline counterparts. The batteries, once they enter the waste stream, will be poluting the ground water. Anyway, watch and learn.

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