Thursday, December 6, 2007

My political musings for yesterday.

I liked what I wrote as comments in othe blogs and wanted to compile them as a blog so here goes:

Iran is well aware that the oil is running out and that they need nuclear power in order to achieve energy independence. They know that "peek oil" has been reached. We have literally started to pump the last bit of oil out the ground. Look up peek oil on any search engine and you will find numerous articles concerning Shell (they know), Iran having to import natural gas, and so forth. The real truth is that money runs everything and that the monied elite are making money off the war. The fascist state that is evolving in this country needs an enemy, real or imagined. When the imagined enemy is impotent, we just go out and make more. The attempt to start a war with Iran has more to do with domestic American politics, than if Iran is or is not developing Nuclear weapons. It means more money for the Military industrial-political complex and their minions.

The thing with Iran is that they know the oil is running out. Nuclear power is the way to go to guarantee their energy independence. There is abundant evidence to suggest that we have reached or soon will reach the "peek oil" point. We are living on borrowed time. Already the oil companies are speaking in terms of "Liquid products" and are working to develop crash programs to be involved in alternative fuels. You are seeing a rise in the bio-fuels industry. But biofuels will not replace the gas we are guzzling. Truly the only way to stop our impact on the environment is to get back into buses, streetcars and other forms of mass transit. Get out of the cars and that will stop the wholesale raping of resources that are destroying this planet. We have so much to loose. We are a civilization teetering on the edge. As we have learned from history, civilization is a fragile thing. We have, at present, the first real global civilization in history. We shouldn't loose it.

The destruction of mass transit in this country was part of a conspiracy by GM, Standard Oil, and Firestone in the post WWII Era. They got together and purchased all the private streetcar companies in the country. They preceded to rip up the tracks, and convert them to buses. This decreased the on time performance of mass transit and with the decrease of reliability, more people purchased automobiles. Most mass transit companies faded away and were turned over to government sanctioned entities in the late 1960's. To replicate the streetcar infrastructure would be expensive but doable. Most of the tracks were paved over, but the important cross-street junctions and track switches were ripped up. Those would have to be replaced. The track most likely too, since they are old anyway. In St. Louis, they are trying to revive one street-car line, but the costs to revive it is in the Tens of Millions of Dollars. However, we have a collation for the advocacy of mass transit. It resulted in the creation of a light rail system here which is one of the most successful in the country.

Bovine excrement is a good example of an alternative fuel. I am into Natural Gas in a big way. (No pun intended). I have an interest in Natural Gas vehicles due to their low pollution levels. They are rare, but you find them on e-Bay a lot and one is welcome to check out my blog on Blogger and I have a group here on Multiply that I am the only member of, which promotes said vehicles.

On religion, I found Romney's speech somewhat disquieting. What was even more disquieting is the fact that he is the apparent anointed candidate of the religious right. The speech was given at the Bush presidential library with the tacit approval of the sitting President's father who was also President. JFK gave a speech which reinforced the separation of Church and State. This candidate seems to want to intertwine the two. He used the term "Mormon" several times in his speech, which is counter to his faith's official term which is the Latter Day Saints. This seems one of those staged events, where the applause is timed and so forth.

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