Wednesday, December 5, 2007

One more reason I am glad I don't work the Day Shift at the Mall

At Least One Person Shot At Omaha Mall
OMAHA, Neb., Dec. 5, 2007
(CBS/AP) At least one person was shot Wednesday at a busy Omaha mall, and police locked down the shopping center while they searched for a gunman.

It was unclear whether the shooter was still inside the mall or whether other people were wounded at the Westroads Mall. Two people were seen being removed on stretchers, and rescue workers were taking more stretchers inside the building.

Omaha television station KETV reported that an elderly man was shot inside the Von Maur department store.

CBS News affiliate KMTV says there are unconfirmed reports of at least five people shot in Mall. There are reportedly two suspects, a white male and a black male, both wearing camouflage.

A witness, Todd Trimpe, told KMTV that he saw police apprehend a man who was hiding under a bus stop bench outside the mall. Trimpe said the man was dressed in camouflage.

Keith Fidler, a Von Maur employee, said he heard a burst of five to six shots followed by 15 to 20 more shots. Fidler said he huddled in the corner of the men's clothing department with about a dozen other employees until police yelled to get out of the store.

Fidler said he did not see the shooting but saw a person lying still by an elevator as he was leaving the store.

A woman who answered the phone at an Old Navy clothing store said 20 to 30 customers were huddled with employees in a back storeroom.

"All we know was people were running and screaming down the hallway by Von Maur saying there was a shooting, and then they locked us down," said the woman, who said her name was Heidi.

Police were allowing some people to leave the mall, but no one was permitted to enter.

President Bush was in town Wednesday for a fundraiser in Omaha, but left about an hour before the shooting.

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