Thursday, December 13, 2007

This sucks...

Well here I am, sick as a dog. Everyone at work has been passing around a cold and I finally got the gift that keeps on giving. My boss had it the other night and called in sick, the night supervisor it when I got to work the other day.

So, I got a dilemma here. Last week I got a call froma temp agency that I had signed up two years ago. Apparently they kept me on file and I have a real chance to get a good job away from Security and back in shipping where I would like to be. I want to take the interview, but I am not sure how I will feel when I get up in the morning. I hope I feel better.

I had to go out, in spite of me feeling sick, to get the information for the interview. Right next to the Temp agency is the Boeing store. Many years ago, Boeing bought out McDonnell-Douglas and so all those venerable Mac planes are now prefixed with Boeing. St. Louis is home to the first spaceships the Mercury and Gemini's. The Eagle will never be the Boeing Eagle. Just doesn't sound right.

Well, I went in and I was like a kid in a candy store. I got a toy for me Nephew for Christmas. Just to give it a balance I got me the same toy. Always a kid I am. They were models of the F-4 Phantom and then for good measure, there was a model of the F-15 and the Space Shuttle, so I got both. All of them are kinda like toys in a way, but they are accurate dimensions, good enough for the desk. I also found this DVD about Red Flag that was at the IMAX at the Science Center and OH I had to have that one. Ended up spending $70 all told for 5 models and the DVD. I found a Boeing Business Jet (Private 737) on the Clearance rack, usually about $35 for 9 bucks since it had the old BBJ livery on it.

Then I went home. Since it was rush hour I avoided the Interstates since they were parking lots anyway and I took Lindberg all the way home. Stopped at Target cause I just got sick of not having my cell phone. My brother is supposed to pay for my cell phone with me contributing the $20 of the family plan. Well he didn't keep up his part and I lost the phone. So I went to get a Go Phone and I just set that up. Its $20 bucks and I don't use it except for emergencies and that's what I really want it for. I like having that at work since if my radio goes out for some reason, I got the cell phone to back me up.

Right now, I should be in Bed, but here I am, addicted to the computer. Got to shut down for a bit, so Ia m gonna get in bed, take some more Nyquil and hope this thing isn't bad tomorrow morning. If it is, I will have to call them and tell them I can't take the interview. Right now my nose is so stuffed up I can't breathe and I try blowing my nose and it sounds like a 20MM cannon on that video. (If you have ever heard a 20mm the you know what I am talking about). Anyway, I am going to go to bed now. Take care all.

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