Saturday, December 15, 2007

More Galleria Wonderland

Well, it Snowed last night. Sick as I was, I decided to go into work. Mainly I went because there just wasn't anyone else to take my place. Night shift is hard to fill, see. No one wants to play in the snow! :-)

The snow started with some flecks about oh dark thrity. By one it had stopped and I was wondering if the weather guessers had gotten it wrong. Listening to the radio though, it was coming. Just hadn't gotten here yet.

Went through blocking off the roof of the parking garage.

Not much yet then. Then it started really coming down.

It looked really nice before the snowplows got to it. Then we have about three contractor plows, plus our trucks clearing off the parking lot.

Our road crews did pretty good and got the roads clear. Still, I was expecting a horror getting home and it wasn't too bad. Got home quick and safe. They really tackled this thing. I think it helped that it was on the weekend too. If there had been a lot of traffic I think it would have been worse.

Still, more is coming. Tonight is going to be fun. Glad I get the cameras tonight. I don't feel as bad as I thought I did, but I still have this terrible head cold. I don't like to play in the snow unless I WANT to play in the snow.

Hope all of you are better.

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