Tuesday, December 11, 2007

St. Louis Weather Update 2007-12-11, 08:40

Here is the Traffic Camera for my work area and you can see how the fog is thick. So far I don't think its caused any accidents or anything. Just a nuisance. I did get home or obviously I wouldn't be writing this, but the weather people here just hype the bad weather up. Soon they are gonna cry wolf once too often and no one will take them seriously.

Still, we dodged a bullet. Along the Mississippi and up North they got hit bad and there have been a lot of power outages. However, after last year's storm debacle, they seem to have gotten their act together and Power is being quickly restored.

Now they are saying that if we get any freezing rain, our best chance is tomorrow morning and then if we do get it, it won't stick around for very long. My weather station here has a temperature of 44.2 with the Barometer trending downward , which isn't a good sign. The temperature is a good sign in that if we get rain, it won't freeze.

Well, that's the latest update from Steve, your weatherman. Now over to Dave and the sports.

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